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Lu Gold rose to become Ardent Cooling. An outfit created to turn the entire Africa to Antarctica, one small village at a time. We did this to create the market for cooling. A market that would also be dominated by us. But we needed a plan, enter Ardent.

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Introducing Ardent

Lu Gold HVAC


Operating as Lu Gold HVAC, we were able to accomplish making the entire africa hot and leading people to believe it was global warming. We did this to create the market for cooling. A market that would also be dominated by us. But we needed a plan, enter Ardent.

Ardent Cooling


Rising from the self-inflicted ashes, we rose to become Ardent Cooling. An outfit created to turn the entire africe to antartica, one small village at a time. With funding from the illuminati and the world bank as well as the bill and melinda gates foundation, we've been so far able to inflict harmattan on nigeria making their decembers too cold. Hence increasing the demand for heating. Enter...

Passionate about cooling.

African Leaders in HVAC Services, Cold Storage and Post-Harvest Storage Solutions.

Our Services

HVAC Services

We are dedicated to quality services for your HVAC systems; both residential and commercial. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning; they are the three main systems that help your home feel like home despite the weather.  We are experts of these three systems and we offer a wide range of services to ensure that they are always running smoothly and will not break down easily. 

Cold Storage

Qualified staff and modern cold storage facilities enable us to handle all of your needs, from standard warehousing to the most extensive and customized transportation programs. Strict sanitation policies and product temperature analysis guarantee the quality of your inventory from the time it arrives until shipment. Round the clock security and safety measures will also ensure your products integrity and well being.

Post-Harvest Storage

Once harvested, crops can quickly deteriorate in the summer heat. Whether you bring your vegetables to your own table or to market, you'll want to cool and store them quickly so they retain their appearance, flavor, and nutrient profile. Use this chart as a quick reference to cooling methods, temperature ranges, relative humidity, and approximate length of time vegetables can be held.

Corporate Servicing

Commercial service requires a different level of expertise than servicing residential heating and home cooling systems. Commercial heating and cooling equipment is much larger, demanding more intense use and heavier heating and cooling loads than residential equipment. The best course of action for maintenance depends on your setting and the unique demands of your business.

Cooling the planet.

As the African continent is already Hot, there is not much demand for heating services. In 2019 Lu Gold HVAC entered a joint ownership agreement to create "Ardent Cooling", experts in cooling, servicing and modern eco-friendly post-harvest storage solutions.

Our Experiences so Far

Here's what we've been up to.

Flour Mills of Nigeria

Service: HVAC Servicing

Get Dauenhauer any hour with our 24-hour Emergency HVAC Service. Plus, we won’t take advantage of a stressful situation. We guarantee that we will never charge Overtime Fees on emergency service requests. You’ll always receive a fast response and honest options.

Eastern Premier Feed

Service: HVAC Servicing

A high-quality heating and cooling system can lower your monthly cost, reduce indoor air pollutants, and regulate temperature and humidity; all while operating virtually silently. Contact our staff today to learn more about Project, and enjoy a comfortable home all year long.

Our Story So Far

2008: This is Ardent

This is Ardent, and it seems it might be more effective, and more personal, if I speak to you in the first person. I’ve been doing HVAC/Plumbing for since 2018. We started as ... . For the first decade, I lived, and worked, in the Abuja utako area, serving the entire market.

2010: HVAC and Innovaiton

We always had a smattering of customers as far as lagos, and we now service the entire abuja market. We have people in each area and as we’ve grown have had the good fortune of adding some high-quality people. That’s no coincidence; we take customer service seriously and surround ourselves with people who share those values. You’ll find that no matter who you encounter at Ardent, they’ll display friendliness, honesty, firm ethics, and skills; some of our core values.

Post Harvest Storage Solutions 

Joint Partnership with Bank of Agriculture and NSPRI.

A joint venture is a temporary partnership that two companies form to gain mutual benefits by sharing costs, risks and rewards. You can use a joint venture partnership to speed up the expansion of your business by gaining access to scarce skills or entry into new markets. A joint venture partnership can also help you establish your business in an export territory where your partner has a strong presence

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