The Gold Standard In Education

Lu Gold Educational Consulting Ltd (Lu Gold EDC) was specially established to help African students get the best education opportunities while also focusing on improving the quality of education in Africa.



Lu Gold Educational Consulting (Lu Gold EDC) helps students with admissions to the UK, USA, Australia and several other countries. Through their direct partner network of over 195 Universities globally, Lu Gold EDC is able to offer conditional and unconditional admission offers to its clients within 48 hours. Our team of IFEC licensed Student counsellors will work closely with you to meet the academic and financial requirements of your admission offers.

Lu Gold EDC also has the most value when it comes to scholarships, with every single undergraduate client going to the UK receiving a minimum of £3,000 by default and some receiving as much as £6,000 based on academic merit. We deliver results in the fastest time, have a broad spectrum of options and have the best scholarships in the industry.

What We Do

  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Admissions
  • Visa Advisory Services
  • Examination Registrations
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Student Guardianship
  • Tuition Remittance
  • Emigration Services
  • Second Citizenship
  • Curriculum Development
  • School & Teacher Development

Why We Do It

The foundation for a successful thriving community, village, city or nation is built on Education. The level of growth, expansion and advancement will depend not only on the competence of the leaders but also on the intellectual ability of members of the community to accept these ideas and changes.

Lu Gold EDC is fully aware that the expertise required to teach and train students for specific academic courses is widely spread across the globe. Hence students need to travel from one continent to another in search of the right education for their desired future careers. Our duty is to help these students find the right course and get all the assistance they need to begin. 

With a percentage of the proceeds we make from International Education, we aid the development of the African Institutions we work with through Donations, Equipment Purchase, Teacher Training Exercises, Excursion Sponsorships & Curriculum Development.

Our Services

Guidance & Counseling

Choosing the right path is a decision you may not have the luxury of making twice. Lu Gold EDC has ICEF licensed counselors that use the academic history, background and career prospects of each student to determine the best options for them. 

For each client, we provide a Counselor's Report which details out course options, entry requirements, financial incentives, future career prospects as well as dates and deadlines.

With over 150 Direct & Indirect partnerships with Academic Institutions globally, our clients never run out of options.

visas & Immigration

As at the end of 2020, Lu Gold EDC had a 100% Visa Success rate for all its clients that went through their entire visa process. Before taking on a new client, we scrutinize all their documents and circumstances very carefully to determine their eligibility for their desired visa or immigration program.  We always find that a significant percentage of inquiries are from people who are ineligible or just applying for the wrong Visa/Program type.

Keeping up with changes to immigration policies can be tasking, this is why our Visa team works directly with Licensed Lawyers & Immigration Experts who get paid to review every application before submission through Lu Gold EDC.

scholarships & Grants

Lu Gold EDC has access to some of the most generous Scholarships in the Industry. In 2020, all Student clients of Lu Gold EDC headed to study in the UK received a minimum scholarship of GBP3,000 with some receiving as much as GBP8,000.

In addition to the scholarship opportunities we receive from our partner institutions, we help our clients apply to external scholarships provided by Companies, Governments or Private institutions.

We help each student build a Scholarship Profile. This is simply personal structured responses to all the popular questions asked by the known scholarship boards in the industry.


Lu Gold EDC helps register and prepare students for the following examinations
2. LNAT: The Law National Aptitude Test
3. SAT
4. PTE- Pearsons Test of English
5. GRE-Graduate Record Exam
6. GMAT- Graduate Management Admission Test
7. ACT- American College Testing

8. Other Standardized Tests


It's not uncommon for many countries to have specific financial requirements for students and visitors before they can be granted entry to those countries. 

Most times, due to other temporary commitments, some clients have a temporary shortfall in their requirements.

Our Finance team does a historical audit of each client requesting temporary financial assistance. If they can see a clear pattern of required cash flow, the Finance team will help with temporary loans of a maximum of 30% of the requirement at a single digit interest rate.

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