Promoting Agriculture in Africa

West African countries like Nigeria have the necessary resources including fertile land, favourable monsoons and people to be able to achieve total self sufficiency in rice and other staple products. However, a majority of such requirements are imported, utilizing valuable foreign exchange exposing the countries to the vagaries of international commodity pricing.

Lu Gold in partnership with Gabumo  Agro Plantations has established world-class rice mills at strategic locations, to promote milling locally. The company works with the farming community and encourages them to use the most recent technologies and practices in farming for increased local production of paddy and other agric based products and thus fosters food sufficiency.

Farming Community

Our outreach to rice farmers support better yield and sustained livelihood in Nigeria. It works through PPP with government’s agriculture objectives to train small scale farmers. The impact is in 12 rice producing states across Nigeria with the best techniques in field planting, seed management, harvesting, drying and threshing.

Vision: As an organisation we want to push forward the agenda of opportunity, sufficiency & profitability in the country.

Locally Farmed, Processed and Distributed in Nigeria

We are a nation that has reaped the benefits of a successful agricultural system.  This has allowed our society to flourish, engage in leisure activities, and dream about future endeavors.  Our successful innovations with food and fiber production have resulted in fewer farmers and larger yields.

We are very passionate about Agriculture. Rice and Cotton Farming in Nigeria are our priorities. Lu Gold jointly owns "Bansara Rice". It is farmed, processed and distributed here in Nigeria. Lu Gold has also worked closely with the Nigerian Cotton Association to help improve the state of the Cotton Industry in Nigeria.

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