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Over 200+ Successful Projects In 6 Major Sectors


Lu Gold is very passionate about the Education Sector in Africa. We jointly own an Academic Institution in Nigeria with over 25 years of academic excellence. Our subsidiary; "Lu Gold EDC" provides admission and financial support to Africans seeking to further their education.

Information Technology

Lu Gold ICT is a subsidiary of Lu Gold that provides various web and app development services. In addition to this, Lu Gold also owns "Kolahawk". A Data Analytics Service for African Businesses. Click below to see our full ICT portfolio and range of services.


E-Commerce is a major part of our history. Lu Gold opened its 1st Franchise Showroom in 2009. In 2013 we began Last mile deliveries for E-commerce pioneers; KONGA. In 2015 Lu Gold established its own E-Commerce platform: "The Lu Gold Store". Lu Gold now fully or jointly owns a few

E-commerce platforms.


We are very passionate about Agriculture. Rice and Cotton Farming in Nigeria are our priorities. Lu Gold jointly owns "Bansara Rice". It is farmed, processed and distributed here in Nigeria. Lu Gold has also worked closely with the Nigerian Cotton Association to help improve the state of the Cotton Industry in Nigeria.

Energy & Power

Many are focused on the creation of renewable energy solutions. Lu Gold is solely focused on the moderation and monitoring of the Energy & Power we currently generate. Our subsidiary; "" is a platform that accurately monitors power supply to all grids in the Nigerian Power Sector.


Ventilation & Cooling is our main focus here. As the African continent is already Hot, there is not much demand for heating Services. In 2019 Lu Gold HVAC entered a joint ownership agreement to create "Ardent Cooling". Experts in Cooling, Servicing and modern Eco-friendly Post-Harvest Storage Solutions.

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Uniquely Resourceful, Proudly African

Lu Gold was founded in the year 2009. In December 2012, the company was officially incorporated in Nigeria, West Africa. By January 2013, we had established our Head Office in the serene city of Calabar in Nigeria.

From this humble start, we have built a network of Office Locations, Employees, Affiliates, Consultants and business partners not only in Nigeria but in multiple African Countries like Ghana, Kenya, and Seychelles.

At every instance, we remain proud of our African heritage. We are pleased that all our achievements have been made as an Indigenous African company run by a Board of Directors who are all African. 

To establish our various subsidiaries, we have been very resourceful. We have a very diverse and dexterous group of Employees and Consultants that help us achieve our goals.

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Achieving The Gold Standard

In many instances, you will find that we refer to our Slogan; "The Gold Standard". This is not a turgid attempt to declare that we are the best at what we do. We simply mean, that our collective experience has taught us the best way to execute our tasks in a manner that achieves the best possible results. Our strongest resource is our Collaboration Culture and generous inclusion in profit sharing for all our Employees, Affiliates and Professional Consultants.

It is not possible to have all the best minds working directly for our companies. However, we realised it is possible to have these minds working WITH our companies. What we have done is to build an International network of Professionals and Consultants across all sectors that actively partake in the execution of our personal projects and client projects. At every stage of a project, we have seasoned professionals actively contributing to the success of the project, and where applicable, rewarded for their time and knowledge.


How Lu Gold Serves Various Industries

Flour Mills of Nigeria

Handled by : Ardent Cooling 

Sector: HVAC

Flour Mills of Nigeria and Eastern Premier Feeds both have production factories in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. In 2013, prior to becoming Ardent Cooling, Lu Gold HVAC was responsible for the Routine Servicing and Repairs of over 300 Air Conditioning Units across both plants in Calabar. This was a monthly retainer between Lu Gold HVAC and FMN that improved the lifetime of not only their Air Conditioning Units but also the machinery they were assigned to cool. This relationship created a Service Retainer model which we have duplicated with several other organisations using our subsidiary; Ardent Cooling.


Handled by : Lu Gold EDC 


In 2019, our subsidiary Lu Gold EDC began its School Tours. The goal was to visit schools that have students using our Educational Services and also meet new schools in those locations. Hill Crest is an American School in Jos, Nigeria. We had provided few of their Students with Admission and Visa Services. On our School Tour trip to Jos, we were able to meet with the management, counselors and final year students of the School. We gave a detailed presentation to students and parents on what to expect and how to plan for their Undergraduate Degrees. Parents present were also provided with free counselling for their kids and details on our latest Scholarship offers and Financial Incentives. Through this affiliation with Hill Crest, we were able to reach out to other schools in Jos, donate equipment, provide IT services and secure admissions for over a dozen Jos students.

Abuja Markets Management Ltd (AMML), Nigeria

Handled by : Lu Gold 


In 2018, Lu Gold was approached by AMML with a vision they needed to become a reality. AMML is the regulatory body responsible for managing the markets in the Federal Capital territory of Nigeria. It was their desire that the Shop owners and traders in their markets should not be excluded from the boom in the Nigerian E-commerce Sector. 

Lu Gold entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with AMML and not only created a functional E-commerce platform, but a robust database of the traders in all the AMML markets in Abuja. Our achievements did not go unnoticed as the project was launched by a Representative of the Vice President, the Permanent Secretary and many other dignitaries. Lu Gold jointly owns this project and all its services. The project's success has opened doors for Lu Gold to work with Industry giants like Premium Pension, Stanbic IBTC and the United Bank for Africa.

Winston Luxury Leather, Nigeria

Handled by : Lu Gold 


Winston Leather is a line of luxury leather products manufactured in God's Little Tannery in Kano, Nigeria. What makes this project special to us is the fact that for many years, God's Little Tannery has been supplying leather to International Luxury Brands.

In 2019, they made the decision to start manufacturing their own leather products, using the same leather they have been supplying to these International Luxury Brands. Their vision is to be able to sell their new line of products and fulfill orders internationally through a functional chic website and effective CRM system to handle the E-Commerce aspect.

We are continuously working with Winston Leather to make this vision a reality not only by building their Web and CRM platforms,  but to use our network to increase awareness for this brand that is proudly African. 

Bansara Rice Production Company, Nigeria

Handled by : Lu Gold 


Lu Gold is a Shareholder and has joint ownership of Bansara Rice Production Company. They are a indigenous rice farming, processing and distribution company in Nigeria. All their operations including the farmlands and mill is located in the farming town of Ogoja in Cross River State. 

In partnership with Gabumo Agro Plantations, we were able to acquire the right equipment to revive the mill, enrol all the rice farmers in the local community on the CBN Anchor's Borrowe's Programme for rice farmers. This provided them with the required funds and farming tools to farm the rice, of which Bansa Rice Production Company acts as guaranteed off-takers for their rice paddy.

Today, Bansara rice is proudly made in Nigeria, has local distributors in 16 states and is consumed in homes nationwide.

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